We rent bikes on Sunday’s!!!!!

Christmas gifts!!!!!!!!
November 25, 2017
Safety advice!!!
November 27, 2017

Although our stores are not open on Sunday’s during the fall and winter months, we do accept phone calls for bike rentals on Sunday’s. We usually man the phones from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm on Sunday’s for same day bike rental deliveries. You can call the 843 681-7531 number and make the arrangements. We do not offer bike rental pickup’s from our stores on Sunday’s however. We are limited in regards to manning on Sunday’s so we ask for patience on bike rental deliveries on Sunday’s. As with all of our bike rentals, free delivery, pickup, baskets (adult bikes) and 1 six foot cable lock for every 2 bikes are included. We do not deliver on a single day bike rental.