Safety advice!!!

We rent bikes on Sunday’s!!!!!
November 25, 2017
26th Annual “Jingle Jingle Run”, December 23rd 2017
November 27, 2017
Good morning ladies and gentleman. I have had many people contact us wanting to rent a rental bike with a child seat attachment OR a rental bike with a Kiddie Kart attachment. Please keep in mind, ALL of our manufacturers DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY CHILD UNDER 11 MONTHS RIDE IN EITHER OF THESE ATTACHMENTS. We do not ask what is the age of your child, but PLEASE spread the word and heed these guidelines.
Neck control is critical when transporting an infant on a bike especially with these attachments. People will say to us, “but what if they are in a car seat?”. Transporting an infant in a child seat in a car IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than on a bicycle with external attachments.
We also recommend EVERYONE wear a helmet, but ESPECIALLY children riding bikes equipped with child seats, Trail-a-bikes or Kiddie Karts. Helmets are an inexpensive safety accessory.