September 9, 2011
January 25, 2012

The Perfect Christmas Gift

A Bike From The Bike Doctor of Hilton Head

There is nothing better than walking down the stairs during the holidays and seeing the gift you had been hoping for all season.

This year, get your loved ones the perfect gift. A new bike for this upcoming spring is just the thing to give. Nothing compares to the joy that you will feel when you see their face light up as they discover that you bought them a new bike! No matter the age, everyone loves a sparkling new set of wheels.

The Bike Doctor carries many high-quality brands including Specialized, Raleigh, Diamond Back, Taxi Cruisers, and more. We have every type of bike for every type of rider. No matter the brand, we are able to help pick out the perfect bike. By giving a bicycle this holiday season, you can give the gift of exercise, or encourage children to get out and play!

Does your loved one already have a bike? Don’t worry, because The Bike Doctor also has all the accessories that cyclists need. Whether it is a new helmet, headlight, safety light, gloves, or a nice basket, you can give them exactly what they need to make their bike complete.

The Bike Doctor will also provide any services that are needed on a bike. Give your loved one a freshly tuned-up bike for the holidays. We have the equipment and tools to perform all major repairs.

Both of our great Hilton Head Island stores have everything in stock to choose from. The north end store is located at 55 Mathews Drive, Suite 160. The sound end store is located at 31 New Orleans Road, Suite B. Stop in whichever location is closest to you.

Come visit us and let us help you find the ideal gift for your loved ones this holiday season.

Happy holidays from all of us at The Bike Doctor!