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16″ Youth Bike
May 6, 2015
Hilton Head Kiddie Kart Bike Rental
Adult Cruiser w/Kiddi-Kart ***This attachment is for transporting children or pets***
May 6, 2015
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This land cruiser adult bike rental comes with an attachment called Trail-A-Bike. Trail-A-Bike is an attachment resembling a bike that can be attached to the adult bike for parents and kids who like to ride together. When your little one gets tired they can simply stop peddling and let the parent do the work, while still enjoying the ride. Trail-A-Bike comes with a 75 lb. weight limit.

Additional information

No Basket, YES – include Basket

Adult Cruiser w/Trail-A-Bike

All rentals are weekly rental prices (flat-rate 2 to 7 days).

Up to 75 lbs.

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