A bike with NO tubes to go FLAT, what, what?

January 29, 2018
Bike Doctor Road Bike rides RETURNED!!!!!!!!!
March 19, 2018

We LOVE to give out free AIR.
What if I told you that Specialized had a solution to low air pressure or for that matter FLAT TIRES!!!!!
Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce the Specialized Alibi. These bikes come with Nimbus Airless tires feature a puncture-proof core, offering incredible traction without the hassle of changing a tube.That’s right tubeless tires, put away the patch kit, put away your bike pump, put away your excuse to hop on your bike and RIDE. Step Thru and Men’s models are available.
Aluminum frames, 7 speed, perfect Hilton Head Island bike bath bicycle. Imagine getting on the bike path and not thinking, what if I get a flat? Sand spurs, glass, radial bias debris, phooey. Alfred E. Neuman said it best “What me worry?”.