Lock your bikes, lock your bikes, please lock your bikes.

***HELMETS*** (Amended 06/23/20)
June 9, 2020
Kiddi Kart availability *** You will have to call us at 843 681-7531 to find out if we have Kiddi Karts available ***
September 24, 2020

Our little island is a safe little island. Just chill out and relax (other than the traffic). You ride your bike to the beach and figure “it’s safe to leave it here unlocked, I’m only going for a dip in the water”. You stroll to the bike rack or tree, and, wait a minute, the bike was just there a little while ago. To your surprise, the bike has turned invisible. You will learn a valuable lesson, someone decided the bike was available for a joy ride or decided that it was such a nice bike, they will add it to their collection. Be forewarned, whether it is your rental bike OR your personal bike they look delectable to someone else. Lock it or lose it I believe that is what they say.